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Fees and disbursements should be clearly understood by the client dealing with any professional. This should not be mysterious and surprising when receiving an invoice.

At Sicotte Guilbault, the client is charged for:

Mr. Coderre’s hourly rate for his services which include, and are not limited to: meetings with the clients or other professionals on his behalf (if instructed), telephone calls, drafting of documents, written communications including emails, telephone calls in connection with the file, negotiations, attendance at court hearings, attendance at mediation, attendance at questioning, attending at Arbitrations, preparation for any hearing in relation to a file. In summary, the client pays for the normal services provided by a lawyer and services rendered by Marc Coderre’s assistant are also charged at a prescribed rate.


At Sicotte Guilbault, the client is not charged for the following:

  1. Normal day-to-day photocopying fees;
  2. Local postage fees;
  3. Long-distance calls in Canada or the USA made by the firm on behalf of clients;
  4. Charges for faxes sent or received;
  5. Parking fees.

At Sicotte Guilbault, the client is charged for the following:

  1. Courier fees;
  2. Process server’s fees for services and disbursements relating to the issuing, service and filing of court documents, attendance at court to issue a pleading a motion etc.;
  3. Mandatory court filing fees;
  4. Transcript fees if required;
  5. Mandatory Law Society opening file fee.

P.S. All family lawyers usually charge for the disbursements described above.

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